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5: There are other ways

What other ways do we have to approach topics like control, job titles and transparency in a company? The traditional ways we are used to didn’t resonate with us. These are some of the alternatives we’ve found out there.

4: The art of letting go

Letting go enables us to empower others, move on, and save mental energy. In this episode, we explore what letting go means to us and how we do it, as well as the challenges we face, and the opportunities that come along.

3: Join the dark side?

There are good and bad leaders but also leaders with malevolent qualities that can have a terrible impact on the people around them, we call them dark leaders. What personality traits do they have? and what do we do about it? In this episode we learn how to identify dark leadership traits so that we can act on it and build a safe environment to keep away dark patterns.

1: Decisions

Making decisions in life it is a complicated thing. In this episode, we present six questions that could help you decide what your next step could be.